Mediapolis Main St.

This was a “streetscape” project in the central business district of Mediapolis. The project consisted of two blocks on Main Street and miscellaneous work on one block of adjoining Orchard Street. The work on Main Street included replacement of all paving and sidewalks from building front to building front and replacement of all city-owned utilities including watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and lighting. Brickwork was placed in the intersection nodes and the entire project was constructed ADA compliant, including four handicap access ramps to address the varying building entrance elevations. The project also included filling sidewalk vaults, reconstructing one sidewalk vault, contaminated soil remediation in front of a former gas station, and street trees.

The project was constructed while maintaining access to approximately 28 businesses. The total project cost was $1,270,000. Project funding included STP, Iowa DOT Enhancement, and local funds.