New Construction

The existing concrete spillway for Waterworks Pond #2 (also known as Pleasant Lake) was damaged by time and the flood events of 2008. The concrete spillway at Pleasant Lake was repaired for use as an auxiliary spillway. A new 18-inch diameter ductile iron pipe was installed as the principal spillway for the 50-acre pond.

After the bottom two sections of the existing stepped-chute spillway collapsed, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources ordered the City of Fairfield to take immediate steps to repair the spillway. Instead of completely replacing the existing spillway, engineers at French-Reneker-Associates opted to repair the spillway for use as an auxiliary spillway.

Old ConstructionThe project involved raising the existing weir by three feet. This causes the auxiliary spillway to be used less frequently. Since the water level in the spillway will rise, the trail bridge over the spillway was removed and reset onto new piers and abutments.

The project was funded by a $480,000 IJOBS II grant. French-Reneker-Associates assisted the City of Fairfield in completing the grant application. French-Reneker-Associates provided all designs, permit applications, bid documents, and specifications. They also provided construction-related engineering for the project.